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#1  Palenque Tambillo: Afro-ecuadorian Cultural Center 

Location: Tambillo, Ecuador

Three school teachers from Tambillo initiated an Afro-Ecuadorian a children’s music and dance association. To go further, they need their own Cultural Centre space for teaching, practicing and performing this traditional music – which recognised by UNESCO as an intangible heritage of humanity. Four young architects have teamed-up with the community to create a space to sustain the cultural-economic development of this endangered community.

#2  ModSkool

Location: New Delhi, India

Following the demolition of their school in the slum Chilla Khadar, the local youth mobilised to erect a basic shelter using plastic sheets and bamboo. Then, two architects joined forces with the community to build a climate responsive school that can be easily (dis)assembled while also having better sanitation facilities.

#3  Cultural Factory of Atucucho 

Location: Quito, Ecuador

Atucucho is a struggling settlement in Quito. Here, a local youth organisation teamed-up with architects to propose a factory building – a space that would provide trainings and host cultural activities. The building of this factory aims to innovate upon local construction practices through the circular economy: by recycling and reusing waste materials from the local building industry.

#4 Fairy Water Village Development

Location: Chen Zhou, China

The Fairy Water village community wants to build a more resilient future on their own. Their first step is to restore the Granting – a 300-year-old community meeting hall and symbol of this Chinese community. The community has teamed-up with two architects to restore their cultural heritage, develop water infrastructure and enable new economic perspectives.

#5  Centre for Urban Poor Consortium 

Location: Parung, Regency of Bogor, Indonesia

The proposed community centre in Parung is part of a larger farm land development project, which incorporates sustainable design principles like harvesting rainwater and using locally sourced materials. Four architects are currently working with this local, Indonesian community organisation to build a bamboo community building and develop new economic opportunities through eco-farming.

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